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About Us


We are Jadrel Brand, and we are representing some of the biggest and most trusted brands in our industries.
Jadrel Brand is one of the leading global trading company and distributor of electrical & electronics industry, Clothing industry or garment industry and medicinal and pharmaceutical products. We are also representing some of the ICT products in our industries.
Our (Jadrel Brand) mission is to produce, distribute and provide the best quality services and innovative products for people, ensuring benefit to the peoples of Philippines and International.
We, Jadrel Brand view business as a means to the distribution and Complete customer satisfaction and known broadly as the preferred choice among discriminating individuals, institutions, and key intermediaries, by creating an environment that attracts the mass consumers in our industry.
Jadrel Brand has different distribution channels for sales such as Retail channel, Wholesale channel, Corporate Channel and Online/eCommerce ( In addition, we have our own corporate sales channels for B2B business. Currently eCommerce or Online business is dominating the world and Jadrel Corporation is also expanding their business through e-commerce.